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The Polish Guild of Casting Directors as a trade union was founded on June 1st, 2022. As a Guild we aim to build unity within our casting community. The Guild is our platform for understanding, meeting and discussing issues that affect us. We are here to support each other, to take care of working conditions, ethics and culture, and in matters of dispute to represent a jointly developed position to other institutions and organisations. Our goal is to protect the personal and property rights of casting directors, taking care of widely understood professional interests, both collective and individual, tangible and intangible. The Polish Guild of Casting Directors operates on the basis of the Guild’s Statute and applicable local laws & regulations.


Ewa Brodzka


Paulina Krajnik


Marta Kownacka

Advisory Board


  1. The casting director is the author of the cast of a film or series.
  2. As a creator, through the presented concept of casting, he helps to establish the represented world which consists of actors and consequently, the protagonists of the movie or series.
  3. By introducing the cast proposal, the casting director becomes a co-creator of the image of the entire environment of characters who later create the reality of the plot.
  4. The act of selecting the right cast can affect not only the emotional state of the individual characters but also the emotions of the audience, making the casting director responsible for the credibility of the world portrayed and providing the film director with a proposed, pre-vetted selected group of actors who are capable, ready and willing to enter, through acting, the creative work according to its credibility requirements.
  1. The casting concept may be created in accordance with the director’s or producer’s pre-presented vision of the film or character. In this case, it is referred to as co-creation. The director may also participate with the casting director in rehearsals and castings to verify casting proposals.
  2. The casting director is not responsible for directing the film. His/ Her task is to vet & test the acting capabilities of a candidate to play a given role in a film or series. There may be several casting concepts for a given film, depending on the actor-candidate assigned to the designated role; it is up to casting directors to choose the best cast for a given idea of the work.
  3. The director remains the author of the film. The casting director is the author of the cast. If the director himself creates the cast of the film or series, he is both: the director and the casting director.


We welcome further Casting Directors to join the PCDG.


The requirements for membership of PCDG are:

  • actively working as a Casting Director.
  • worked on at least 2 feature movies and 2 feature tv series
  • 2 written recommendations from a current PCDG members.
  • no conflict of interest, i.e. that there is no financial benefit from actors.

If you are interested in becoming an PCDG member and meet all above requirements, please click here and complete the contact form.